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If you think I can help you create a logo you'll love, then please read on to find out the logo design process and what you will receive. If you are happy to continue then please fill out and send the form below.

Logo Design Process

After filling out and sending the logo design brief, you will be contacted to let you know how to pay.

Once payment is received: I will start some research and think of initial ideas; then work up my ideas, choosing suitable typefaces and colour schemes ready to present to you.

After 4 business days you will receive an initial design draft of logos for you to provide feedback, pointing out which idea you prefer and suggest any changes you would like to make, such as; a different typeface, symbol, layout or colour scheme, etc.

You can make as many revisions as you like. Each revision will be made within one full business day.

When you are happy with the final design, your new logo files will be prepared and emailed to you.

You will receive:

If you have chosen to have your stationery designed as well, then you should provide your business details (up to 6 names for business cards are included in the price). Your stationery will be designed and you can make any changes you wish. The final artwork will be emailed as high resolution PDF files in CMYK colours ready to send to a commercial printer of your choice.

Logo Design Brief

If you would like to hire me, then just fill out the form below and you will be contacted with instructions on how to pay using PayPal.

Please provide as much detail as you can about what your business does and the 'image' you would like to project to potential customers.

Your Name:

Email Address:

Country (if not from the UK):

Text to appear in your logo:

A tagline (if required):

Please choose which package you would like:

£166 Package - 2 logo design concepts.

£199 Package - 4 logo design concepts.

£195 Package - 2 logo design concepts and business card design.

£228 Package - 4 logo design concepts and business card design.

£204 Package - 2 logo design concepts and stationery design.

£237 Package - 4 logo design concepts and stationery design.

£72 Budget Logo Design - to work up your own idea.

Please describe what your business does:

Which words best describe the 'image' your logo needs to project to its audience?
Please select a few words which you feel are the most important to your business.


Please add any words of your own:

Please give any additional information or requirements, such as; any colours you want to use or avoid, any ideas for a symbol you would like incorporated into the logo, etc. If you have chosen the Budget Logo Design, then please provide your idea here in as much detail as you can.

Or email me your requirements at info@ne14design.co.uk